19 settembre 2013

Grace, sweetness and sensuality... Lyndie Dourthe

A bit of botany, a little voodoo, a little anatomy and a touch of superstition....

This is a bargain hunter stubborn, passionate spotter, a little stubborn mouse in his secret laboratory paper and light fabrics, turns everything into unique and precious jewels. It borrows from their naturalistic mania series: classified, sorted, labeled and carefully preserved in countless boxes, small treasures become all elements of a collection.
Lyndie but also the art of storytelling: owning one of her jewelry is to have at hand a small universe talisman, a lucky charm which speaks of childlike imagination and anatomy with disarming lightness .
Grace, sweetness and sensuality are also part of the language. Colorist extraordinaire, she extracted from nature the most delicate nuances and distilled in its flowers and bulbs. Fairy seasons, she invents all year round plants, animals, hybrids and germination, from tomes and horticultural experiments. 

Thanks to Mr. Finch

Lyndie Dourthe

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