31 agosto 2014

Antrhopologie, summer windows

 "It could be said that spring is floral season, but then, like clockwork, summer arrives and it’s wildflowers from coast to coast. As our display director Erika can attest: these fields, growing far and bright with abandon, are a sight to behold. “They’re truly mesmerizing. The endless rows of poppies or the calmness of lavender en masse—you can’t help but pause and take it all in.” We couldn’t agree more, and are thrilled to showcase both the real and the abstract beauty of these blooms in our new windows. Starting with simple images, we transformed each field using our own impressionistic reflections: three-dimensional swipes of paint, clay forms acting as pointillistic strokes, torn jersey dripping down the canvas, and more. Here’s a closer look at favorites thus far #AnthroWindows."


26 agosto 2014

Dolcetto o scherzetto - Le Cupcakes di Melissa

Una tappa obbligata a Sarzana (SP)... quando vado non posso non fermarmi per degustare i loro deliziosi dolci! Ricordano quelli di Magnolia Bakery di New York, ma i loro abbinamenti sono molto più originali..... vivamente consigliato!!!

le cupcakes di Melissa