16 luglio 2013

Liat Elbling, photografy the core of her work

Photography is the core of my artwork. It is my medium of choice, my means of expression, but more importantly, photography (as technique, medium, and act) and the photograph (as product and object), are the subject matter and content of my work. My work examines the values of photography, whether the photographs are about architectural structures, plates, or flowers; I have employed these as tools in my reflections on photography.

Our world has undergone a major perceptual paradigm shift in recent years. The change from an analog to a digital environment has changed in the way we look at and organize our individual space, its physicality, its accessibility, and its material aspects. I work in a digital world and respond to it, and technology represents for me not just a means but also the subject of exploration.

I experience the world today as non-material, and my choice to go back to working with physical materials raises interesting fundamental questions about their and my essentiality, history, and existence.

Liat Elbling


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